The Huaca link

55,00 TTC

The Huaca link is a jewel with a stone making a Quechua reference to a place or a sacred object, this stone pierced right through slides on a link, as on a geometric alignment towards a sacred place, The milestones of these lines are elements that are either natural or man-made: places linked to water (ponds, springs, wells), mounds, dolmens, menhirs, cromlechs (circles of stones), circles and earthworks, hills of particular shape.

The pebble link, simply the pebble 0.8 to 1.5 cm which slides on this rubber link (red, gray, brown, black) possibility of pattern to engrave according to the hardness of the stone (bird alcyon, tiki, ying & yang ).

Length ~ 45 cm, rubber link Ø 2 mm

AT THE END OF THE WIRE: elastic choker Length ~ 34 cm, rubber link Ø 2 mm

All these models are unique pieces, the size, shape, color of the stones and pearls may vary depending on the models.

The eyelets are aluminum, the chains in silver from Peru, the links in Japanese fabric, and the Italian leathers. For the Tie sliding models, it is an elastic, stretchy colored rubber.

You can request a custom quote, a choice of colors, pearl size, material and customization on order by contacting us by email

All these models are registered with INPI and the industrial and intellectual property of Maison DiDariel.