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Notes for children and parents

The DIDARIEL website is aimed at an adult audience. Minors, in particular children under the age of 13, are prohibited from transmitting their personal information to us or registering for one of our services. If we find that this data has been transmitted to us, it will be deleted from our database. The child’s parents (or legal representative) can contact us and request the deletion of the data or the unsubscription from the service. For this, a copy of an official document attesting to your status as a parent or legal representative will be required. Contact information is provided in our data protection policy.

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Data protection

When you visit our site, certain data are collected automatically (for example, cookies, data processing via Google Analytics, etc.). The Data Protection Policy therefore applies to the visit to our site. You can consult our Data protection policy here.


Disclaimer of Liability / Limitation of Liability

The entire content of this site is provided for information only. We ensure that the content is accurate, current and free from errors, and that it does not infringe any rights of third parties.

However, to the extent permitted by law, DIDARIEL disclaims all liability, and does not provide any guarantee as to accuracy, reliability, operation, merchantability, completeness, (satisfactory) quality, adequacy for a particular use, the non-violation of rights or the absence of defects in the products and services presented on the website.

In addition, DIDARIEL declines all responsibility, and does not provide any guarantee (to the extent permitted by law), as to the consequences of the use of the information provided. All information, data and downloadable files, etc. on this website are not warranted as to their accuracy, completeness, accuracy, timeliness, quality, results or otherwise.

To the extent permitted by law, DIDARIEL cannot in any case (either explicitly or implicitly) assume any responsibility for the information made available, or for any direct or indirect damage or loss. In addition, DIDARIEL disclaims all liability for punitive damages or accidental loss or damage (including, without limitation, loss of profits, data, other intangible assets, replacement cost) related to access to the website, to its use, to its links with other websites or to associated services (including, without limitation, querying or downloading of data or files, in particular screensavers and other available software on the site), even if DIDARIEL had to be informed of the possibility of such damage.

In addition, DIDARIEL declines all responsibility, and does not give any guarantee, as for the absence of defects / errors in the functionalities, the contents and the files and software downloadable on this site (including, without limitation, viruses, horses of Trojan and malware that can disrupt the proper functioning of any software, hardware or other equipment) or their availability, the correction of faults / errors, or the absence of harmful elements on this website or on the servers. Access to the DIDARIEL website can be interrupted or blocked at any time, in particular during site maintenance and renovation operations.

These limitation of liability clauses are also valid for all companies affiliated to DIDARIEL.

DIDARIEL reserves the right to modify the information available on this site regarding products and services at any time and without notice, or to withdraw certain products and services from its offer. The offers of products and services are valid in all cases subject to availability and within the limits of available stocks. No guarantee is given on the conformity of the prices indicated on this site with those practiced in the retail or wholesale trade.


Intangible property rights

All intangible property rights (in particular copyright, trademarks, designs and patents) on the content of this site are reserved. Unless otherwise stated, it is prohibited to reproduce, download or use in any way the images, texts, illustrations, software, etc. appearing or downloadable on this site. The downloading or printing of some pages and / or parts of this site is authorized, provided that neither the mention of copyright nor the other distinctive signs protected by law are deleted and that the complete references of the source are indicated. If data or programs are downloaded from this site or reproduced in any other way, all property rights and intangible property rights are reserved for DIDARIEL or the holder of these rights. Total or partial reproduction, transmission by electronic or other means, modification, insertion of links to this website or the use of this website for public or commercial use are prohibited, unless the written agreement de DIDARIEL has been obtained beforehand and that the full references of the source are indicated. DIDARIEL does not recognize any rights (and in particular no intangible property rights) to users of the DIDARIEL website, with the exception of the rights necessary for using the DIDARIEL website.


Intangible property rights of third parties

DIDARIEL maintains commercial relations with various partners Consequently, certain illustrations of our site belong to third parties. The provisions of the previous paragraph therefore also apply to the intangible property rights of third parties.



The insertion of links to the pages of this site is subject to the prior written agreement of DIDARIEL. The framing of pages from this site (ie their incorporation into another site) is authorized.


General provisions

Information, offers, illustrations, etc. of products and services on this website are provided for information only, and do not constitute an invitation, offer, or recommendation for the purchase of products or the use of services. Only the products and services, including prices, offered in DIDARIEL subsidiaries and other official distributors, should be used as a reference.

DIDARIEL has no obligation to respond to any request for quotation or pricing information, or to accept any order, based on information, illustrations, etc. present on the site.

DIDARIEL notably reserves the right not to respond to requests sent by e-mail. In addition, DIDARIEL declines any responsibility concerning the reception of requests, orders, requests for offers or pricing information, etc. sent by e-mail or by any other means.

Even if a person is authorized to use this site, this does not mean that the products and services presented on this site are accessible or can be delivered to this person in any country or territory.


Applicable law and competent court

These Conditions and the use of this website (including requests, offers, orders, etc. resulting from the use of this site) are subject to Swiss substantive law, excluding the rules concerning conflicts of jurisdiction.

All disputes related to these Conditions and the use of this website (including requests, offers, orders, etc. resulting from the use of this site) fall under the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of PARIS DIDARIEL has however the right to seize another competent court.

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