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Didariel House

The history of the brand

DiDariel is two wings, two artists, pearls in threads, two dice in the play on words and ideas, two ways for a single ageless story, the one that belongs to you.

The timeless

All our collections
are designed and produced by hand.

The messenger

The Tahitian link goes through a 9mm pearl circled in colors from our last harvest.

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Man's age

Is a jewel linked to the megalithic composed of two concentric circular granite structures magnetized, struck by the emblematic bird with two heads

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Pierre Fendue

The split stones are like invisible currents in the geological fault, but we can perceive them to feel them easily by opening and closing the two stones. An attraction like on a passage of underground water currents.

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love tell the truth

On the residual field and coercive excitement.

The pearl does not lie if the magnet is right.

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The black pearl of Tahiti

The workshop-boutique

The workshop-boutique

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Our collaborations

Our collaborations

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“Nothing Is Pebble the Grain of Sand”