The Pearl Dune

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Have you ever trodden the undulating peaks of a dune, feeling the sand slide beneath your feet, only to discover a hidden treasure? “La Dune Perle” embodies this mystical quest, a jewel emerging from the immensity, a sliver of light captured by the beauty of onyx.

“La Dune Perle” is more than a jewel; it’s an invitation to explore, to seek out and to find the hidden wonders that line our paths. With the possibility of customization, this treasure is a promise of uniqueness, offering a deep connection between you and the immensity of the world.

Wear “La Dune Perle” and let yourself be transported by its story, an adventure where every detail tells a legend, a moment suspended between sand and stars.


At the heart of this mineral landscape, an 18-carat gold setting delicately embraces a masterfully cut onyx pebble, revealing a 10 mm pearl, a symbol of purity and inner richness. This jewel is an ode to discovery, to the surprise that lies in every step along life’s path.

Each piece is a unique creation, reflecting nature’s diversity in the size, shape and color of stones and pearls. Aluminum eyelets, Peruvian gemstones and Japanese fabric ties add to its exceptional character, testifying to a savoir-faire without frontiers.


Each piece is unique, testifying to the richness of diversity through the variability of size, shape, and color of stones and pearls. This jewelry is not just an accessory, it is a symbol of the power of belief and hope, of the ability to find deep connection in apparent disparity.

Protected by the INPI, this creation demonstrates Maison DiDariel’s commitment to excellence, intellectual property and uncompromising beauty.

Each pearl is accompanied by its certificate attesting to its authenticity.


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