The Great Messenger

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“The Great Messenger” embodies the epitome of connection, a tribute to rich Tahitian culture through the universal language of beauty. At the center of this majestic piece, a 10mm round pearl from our latest harvest stands out, proudly bearing the stamp of the Didariel bird, a symbol of its authenticity and deep roots.


This bead is beautifully set with aluminum eyelets, a detail that not only beautifies but also attests to the originality and unique know-how of Maison DiDariel. The tube clasp, in perfect harmony with the design, allows this jewel to be worn as a bracelet or necklace, offering unprecedented flexibility to adapt to your personal style.

Size advice

To ensure that your bracelet fits your wrist perfectly, and especially for models intended for children, it is essential to take the measurement accurately. We advise you to use a seamstress’s tape measure or, failing that, a string that you can stretch along a ruler. Gently wrap the ribbon or string around your wrist, making sure it adheres to the skin but is not tight. This method will help you obtain an optimal size for ideal comfort.


Choose the size and color of your link, in genuine leather or fabric, to create a piece of jewelry that resonates with your essence. Available in a range of colors — White, Blue, Brown, Black, Pink, Red — each choice is a celebration of individuality and personal expression.

“The Great Messenger” is not just a piece of jewelry, it is a testament to originality and craftsmanship, a piece that tells a story of provenance and passion. Each design is unique, reflecting the diversity and beauty of nature and human work.

Protected by the INPI, “Le Grand Messager” is an invitation to embrace your uniqueness while carrying a piece of Tahitian history and culture, a tangible link between the past, the present and you.

For an even more personal expression of your affection, Didariel invites you to personalize your bracelet according to your desires. By contacting us at, you can choose the shades of your pearls and add an engraving.


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