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Le Paléo” is an invitation to rediscover your roots and reconnect with the primordial forces that guide us. This unique jewel allows you to manipulate the stones according to the constellations or your personal preferences, thus harmonizing your energies with the universe.


Woven from cotton, the adjustable link is adorned with precious stones from Peru, each chosen for its beauty and vibratory power. By adjusting these stones along the link, you create a personalized balance, a symphony of forces that reflects your intimate connection with the cosmos and the earth.


Each “Le Paléo” is a unique piece, the result of exceptional craftsmanship where the size, shape and color of stones and pearls can vary, celebrating the uniqueness of each wearer. Aluminum eyelets and Japanese fabric ties add a touch of finesse and durability, underscoring our commitment to quality and originality.

When you wear “Le Paléo”, you’re not just wearing a piece of jewelry, but a talisman that awakens ancestral memories and aligns your being with cosmic energies. It’s a return to your origins, a personal journey towards balance and serenity.

For an even more personalized experience, you can request a customized quote, choosing from a variety of colors, stone sizes and materials, to create a piece of jewelry that is truly yours.


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