Our history

Handmade jewelry – Fakarava pearls

Didariel House

The history of the brand

Didariel, an artist and sculpture jewelry gallery, marks a true homecoming for his arrival in Paris. The jewels in the collection are based on the alliance of traditional house materials: Fakarava pearl, mountain stones and Carrara marble.

The artist Nito, who started out in the midst of the New School of Paris in the 1960s, reconciled his experience of abstract sculpture and jewelry to create the pieces on display. A follower of direct carving, without a model, he bases his art on a deep understanding of the material. He seeks to reveal what it contains to make each piece of jewelry more expressive.

The creator

Jök DiDariel

Implements its know-how through a history and an artistic heritage stemming from a family tradition.

Jök, pioneer of the black pearl of Tahiti, presents the rarest colors of his harvests, describing for each a word, a sentence, a natural and wild philosophy that he brought back from his long experience in the Pacific.

The Monoliths, the most mineral creations, want to combine pearls and noble stones, each having in common the desire to combine sculpture and jewelry.

The Messages, themselves, focus on the pearls, engraved or not, and reveal their secrets to whoever wants to listen to them.

Their culture, in Fakarava Atoll, in the middle of a reserve classified by the UN, guarantees a purity and a unique Orient. The collection thus draws an eclectic portrait of Didariel, celebrating the marriage of art and jewel, so that jewelry becomes sculptures in their own right.