Ové Poe

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In a universe where Edgar Allan Poe meets the essence of Polynesia, “Ové Poe” becomes the scene of a nocturnal enchantment. It’s not just a “pearl” in Poe’s lexicon, but also in the Polynesian language, a word that evokes deep, mysterious beauty. The pebble, bearer of the world’s night, rests on your throat like a dazzling comet, illuminating the silhouette of a hill in a celebration of the cosmos.


A small 8 mm natural pearl adds to this mineral landscape, like a shooting star seeding the rugged surface of a rock, a sliver of light born of darkness. Mounted on a 1.6 mm rhodium-plated silver snake chain, this 38 cm-long jewel carries a 42.2 cm stone, a bridge between microcosm and macrocosm, between Poe’s poetry and Polynesian wisdom.


“Ové Poe” is a unique piece, reflecting the diversity and beauty of the universe in every detail of its design. The aluminum eyelets, Peruvian silver chain and Japanese fabric links add to its exceptional character, testifying to the art and craftsmanship of Maison DiDariel.

This necklace is not just an ornament; it’s a dialogue between literature and legend, a jewel that tells a story where nature and culture meet in a dance of light and shadow. “Ové Poe” is an invitation to carry within you a fragment of nocturnal mystery, illuminated by the promise of a new dawn.


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