Tahitian nude 8 / 9mm

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In a tribute to eloquent simplicity that might recall Gauguin’s muses, “Nue de Tahiti” captures the raw, natural essence of beauty. Without artifice, this pearl presents itself in its original splendor, suspended from a silver thread as if it were floating, free and majestic, in the hollow of your neck.


Choose between the discreet charm of 8/9 mm pearls at €144.00 including tax, or let yourself be seduced by the imposing presence of 10/11 mm pearls at €264.00 including tax. Mounted on a 0.5 mm thick rhodium-plated silver snake chain, these pearls are available in lengths from 38 cm to 40 cm, offering versatile and timeless elegance.

Each pearl is accompanied by its certificate attesting to its authenticity.


Each “Nue de Tahiti” is a celebration of uniqueness, where the size, shape, and color of each pearl reflect the diversity of natural beauty. These models are unique pieces, treasures that embody not only exceptional craftsmanship but also a deep link with the culture and history of Tahiti.

Wearing “Nue de Tahiti” is an experience of connecting with authenticity, a style statement that transcends trends. It is a jewel that speaks of history, art, and the eternal beauty of nature, inviting us to celebrate every detail in its purest form.


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