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“CHOC MOI” embodies the daring invitation to wonder, a challenge to routine through two engraved 12/13 mm magnetic beads, promising a show of sparks at each encounter. This jewel is the expression of creative tension, a play of forces attracted to each other, ready to confront each other in an electrifying dance.


Mounted on a 4mm diameter leather cord, these beads offer a striking contrast between the softness of leather and the magnetic intensity of their mutual attraction. Measuring approximately 39cm in length, this necklace is both a style statement and a manifesto of personality, a call to those who dare to defy convention and seek to be noticed.

“CHOC MOI” is not just an accessory, it is an experience, an invitation to provoke and be provoked, to explore the limits of attraction and to celebrate the spectacular collisions that result. Each piece, unique in its design, reflects the singularity of its wearer, a hymn to individuality and the strength of character.

Wear “CHOC ME” and let the magnetic beads trace the path to unforgettable interactions, where each “shock” is a spark of life, a moment of pure intensity. It is a promise of daring, a jewel that speaks of attraction, repulsion, and ultimately, a magnificent union.


Each piece in the “Antarctic Pacific” collection is unique, testifying to the richness of diversity through the variability of the size, shape, and color of stones and pearls. This jewelry is not just an accessory, it is a symbol of the power of belief and hope, of the ability to find deep connection in apparent disparity.

Wearing “Antarctic Pacific” is a reminder that an encounter, however improbable, can transform our perception of the world, inviting us to embrace unity in diversity, to seek peace in tumult, and to discover warmth in the cold.

Protected by the INPI, this creation demonstrates Maison DiDariel’s commitment to excellence, intellectual property and uncompromising beauty.

Each pearl is accompanied by its certificate attesting to its authenticity.


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