The couple

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“The Couple” embodies the perfect harmony between two souls, celebrated through the rare beauty and singularity of two exceptional pearls. Carefully selected for their unique colors and their extremely rare sparkles, these 10/11 mm A-quality pearls meet on the finger, in a subtle play of contrasts and fusion, symbolizing union and shared love.

Each ring is a work of art, featuring some of the rarest half-round pearls in our collection, reflecting the uniqueness of each couple. On request, these jewels can be personalized with the inscriptions “LO” and “VE”, delicately engraved, to immortalize your indissoluble bond.


Our 925 silver rings, of unrivaled purity from Peru, offer discreet elegance with a diameter of 1.5 mm. Available in sizes “S” and “M”, they fit precisely to your finger, allowing for perfect customization. Each creation is unique, with variations in the size, shape, and color of the beads, celebrating the diversity and beauty of love.


For an even more personal expression of your affection, Didariel invites you to personalize “The Couple” according to your desires. By contacting us at, you can choose the shades of your pearls and add an engraving, making each ring an eternal symbol of your union.

Discover “Le Couple”, a ring that not only symbolizes love, but manifests it in all its splendor, offering a lasting testimony of shared harmony.


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