Antarctique Pacifique

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“Antarctic Pacific” is an ode to the convergence of opposites, a celebration of the improbable meeting between fire and ice, calm and storm. This jewel symbolizes the magical moment when differences disappear with a snap of the fingers, revealing that it is possible to come together despite everything.


The snake chain, in rhodium-plated silver 0.5 mm in diameter, evokes the fluidity and elegance of this union, delicately winding over a length of approximately 39 cm. She embodies the winding but graceful journey to acceptance and harmony, a silver thread connecting hearts and worlds


Each piece in the “Antarctic Pacific” collection is unique, testifying to the richness of diversity through the variability of the size, shape, and color of stones and pearls. This jewelry is not just an accessory, it is a symbol of the power of belief and hope, of the ability to find deep connection in apparent disparity.

Wearing “Antarctic Pacific” is a reminder that an encounter, however improbable, can transform our perception of the world, inviting us to embrace unity in diversity, to seek peace in tumult, and to discover warmth in the cold.

Protected by the INPI, this creation demonstrates Maison DiDariel’s commitment to excellence, intellectual property and uncompromising beauty.

Each pearl is accompanied by its certificate attesting to its authenticity.


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