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“Le Galet Alcyon” is not just a piece of jewelry, it’s an open door to ancient legends, a celebration of the mythical bird Alcyon, symbol of calm and rebirth. According to legend, this exceptional bird dives into the depths of the sea only to emerge transformed, with two heads, representing the unity of opposites and the perpetual cycle of life.


This one-of-a-kind piece of jewelry is forged from a pebble on which the image of Alcyon is stamped, immortalizing its essence and power. With a length of around 49 cm, the necklace rests delicately on your chest, suspended by a durable, washable 3 mm diameter acrylic Japanese fabric link that combines comfort and style.

Each “Le Galet Alcyon” is a unique piece, the result of meticulous craftsmanship where the variability of stone size, shape and color celebrates the beauty of individuality and the charm of irrepetitiveness. This jewel is a tribute to nature, its mysteries and its stories, a reminder of the quiet strength and serenity that the Alcyon legend can bring to our lives.

Wearing “Le Galet Alcyon” is an experience that transcends time, a tangible link to the myths and stories that shape our world, a symbol of transformation and harmony that accompanies you in your daily life.


You choose a piece of the world’s night, shaped by the ages and enriched by the waves. An invitation to request a bespoke quote, to personalize your connection with land and sea, expressing your own vision of beauty through the shades and textures you select.


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