Black stones

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“Pierres de Voyage” is an invitation to explore the world with lightness and elegance. Designed by the artist with poetic precision, this unique piece is your passport to adventure, symbolized by a silver handle that evokes the most essential luggage. It’s everything you need to dive into discovery, whether it’s a weekend getaway or relaxing by a sparkling river.

With a total length of approximately 6 cm, “Travel Stones” is the ideal companion for those who aspire to travel light, while wearing a piece of jewelry that tells a story of freedom, spontaneity and connection with nature. It’s not just an accessory, it’s a manifesto for a life filled with joyful explorations and precious memories.

Each “Travel Stone” is a celebration of the art of traveling with simplicity and style, offering a subtle and elegant way to keep the essence of travel close at hand. It’s an invitation to seize the moment, enjoy life’s simple pleasures, and embrace adventure with an open heart and a curious mind.

Carry “Travel Stones” with you as a talisman of your nomadic aspirations, a constant reminder that the greatest adventures sometimes require only the bare essentials. Let it guide you to unforgettable experiences and moments of pure joy, in harmony with the spirit of travel.


Each pearl is accompanied by its certificate attesting to its authenticity.


For an even more personal expression of your affection, Didariel invites you to personalize your curls according to your desires. By contacting us at, you can choose the shades of your stones and add an engraving.


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