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“En Versants”, a bracelet where Polynesian culture and modernity meet in an echo of beauty and authenticity. Through it, two 11 mm round pearls, treasures from our last harvest, form the heart of this centerpiece, each pearl proudly bearing the stamp of the Didariel bird, symbol of its noble origin and its unrivaled authenticity.


These gems of nature are set with aluminum eyelets, reflecting a fusion of natural elegance and innovation. The tube clasp, blending gracefully into the cotton acrylic link, offers visual continuity and unparalleled comfort. Designed to be water resistant, this bracelet is both a companion for your daily adventures and a distinctive style statement.

“En Versants” invites you to express your individuality by choosing the size and color of the link that suits you. Each choice is an opportunity to reflect your personality and your unique connection to the wonders of Polynesia, in a language of color and texture that speaks to your soul.

Wear “En Versants” as a tribute to the timeless beauty of the islands, a bracelet that does not just adorn your wrist, but which tells a story, your story, woven of travels, dreams and an elegance that transcends tendencies.

Each pearl is accompanied by its certificate attesting to its authenticity.

Size advice

To ensure that your bracelet fits your wrist perfectly, and especially for models intended for children, it is essential to take the measurement accurately. We advise you to use a seamstress’s tape measure or, failing that, a string that you can stretch along a ruler. Gently wrap the ribbon or string around your wrist, making sure it adheres to the skin but is not tight. This method will help you obtain an optimal size for ideal comfort.


Pour une expression encore plus personnelle de votre affection, Didariel vous invite à personnaliser  votre bracelet selon vos désirs. En nous contactant à, vous pouvez choisir les nuances de vos perles et ajouter une gravure.


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