The messenger

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“Le Messager” is the embodiment of a cultural bridge, where the natural splendor of Tahiti blends with contemporary elegance. At the heart of this piece, a 9 mm round pearl, from our most recent harvest, bears the stamp of the Didariel bird, symbol of its authenticity and its deep roots in Polynesian culture.


This precious pearl is delicately set with aluminum eyelets, a touch of originality that highlights our commitment to innovative design while remaining true to our heritage. The tube clasp, in a gesture of continuity, allows this jewel to easily transform between bracelet and necklace, offering unparalleled versatility to the wearer.

Size advice

To ensure that your bracelet fits your wrist perfectly, and especially for models intended for children, it is essential to take the measurement accurately. We advise you to use a seamstress’s tape measure or, failing that, a string that you can stretch along a ruler. Gently wrap the ribbon or string around your wrist, making sure it adheres to the skin but is not tight. This method will help you achieve an optimal size for ideal comfort.


Choose the size that suits your lifestyle and personal expression, with options ranging from 13cm to 23cm, and let yourself be captivated by the richness of colors available – from Pure White to Passion Red and Blue deep and elegant Black. Whether genuine leather or fabric, each link is chosen to complement the brilliance of the pearl and the personality of its wearer.

“Le Messager” is not just a piece of jewelry, it is a celebration of uniqueness, an ode to the originality of its assembly and a testimony to our artisanal know-how. Each model is unique, reflecting diversity and natural beauty, and protected by the INPI, guaranteeing its exclusivity and prestige.


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